The San Mateo County Astronomical Society is dedicated to bringing the wonders of space and astronomy to the residents of San Mateo County.

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SMCAS was honored for its valuable contributions to its community by NASA Space Place:

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March 1 General Meeting @ CSM

7:00pm Social & Pizza   8:00pm  Presentation

Experiencing the Great North American Eclipse!

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SMCAS received a certificate of appreciation from NASA for its contribution to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

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Crestview Star Parties 2024

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Feb. 3 Sunset: 5: 35 PM 3rd quarter
Feb.10 Sunset: 5: 42 PM Nw Moon

March 2 Sunset: 6: 04 PM waning gibbous
March 9 Sunset: 6: 11 PM waning crescent

April 6 Sunset: 7: 37 PM waning crescent
April 13 Sunset: 7: 43 PM waxing crescent

May 4  Sunset: 8: 02 PM waning crescent
May 11 Sunset: 8: 08 PM waxing crescent

June 1 Sunset: 8: 25 PM waning crescent
June 8 Sunset: 8: 29 PM waxing crescent
June 29 Sunset: 8: 34 PM waning crescent