​​Due to the unprecedented events related to COVID-19 we are suspending all public meetings and events, including Crestview Star Parties until further notice.  You can receive email notices about the status of these and other SMCAS events by selecting the link below or going to https://groups.io/g/SMCASnews and joining the group.  

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The San Mateo County Astronomical Society was formed for the following purpose:

  • To establish, conduct, maintain, promote, spread and diffuse knowledge and appreciation of the science of astronomy and related subjects, fields and disciplines, by making available to the public and to the members of SMCAS equipment, facilities, lectures, various educational programs and materials.

  • To carry on, conduct, further and publish scientific research in the field of astronomy and related subjects, fields and disciplines.

  • To construct and staff with personnel, and maintain any and all necessary facilities to assist in the furtherance of the above purposes.​
  • To receive contributions of money, property, materials, services and all other kinds of assets for the furtherance of this purpose.