The SMCAS Summer StarBQue, annual meeting and election will be Saturday, July 14 at Crestview park starting at 6:00pm.   SMCAS will provide BBQ meats, plates/utensils.   Members should bring their favorite pot luck items such as salads, veggies, desserts!

                                           Important Announcement

In July 2018, SMCAS is switching it's email communications to a member only mailing list using  SMCAS Members will need to accept the invitation to continue receiving SMCAS emails.

Yahoo groups have been becoming slow and, in some cases, completely unresponsive and is not meeting our
needs for timely notifications.  Furthermore, our Yahoo  group has become bloated with inactive and old email addresses. operates the same as Yahoo Groups.  Emails received from the SMCAS account will have 'SMCAS' prefacing the Subject line of notes. also has a user interface that will allow you to set your preferences on how you wish to receive emails, eg individual emails, daily digests.   You will be able to send emails to, where they will be reviewed by moderators, and then sent to SMCAS members on

If you are an active member, you will receive an invitation from which will host our new mailing list. Please accept the invitation in order to continue to receive SMCAS  emails.  The email address we will use for the initial invitations will be the one you gave to us when you joined or used with PayPal if you used them to join.  If you do not receive an invitation by July 9 please let me know at

If you wish to use a different mailing address, let me know at

If your SMCAS membership is not current, or you are not a member, but receiving notices from our Yahoo group and wish to continue receiving email from SMCAS, please consider renewing or becoming an SMCAS member. You can easily join via our website at:

If joining SMCAS is not an option for you, please email Ed Pieret at with an explanation of why you need access.

SMCAS is a registered charity with the Amazon Smile program.   This program donates 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to SMCAS at no charge to you.   To register, access Amazon at and search/select San Mateo County Astronomical Society as your charity.   Then just start doing your Amazon shopping under the Smile program - it's easy, and will help SMCAS!