We are happy to announce that we are able to resume in person star parties at Crestview Park in San Carlos.  The schedule and information is shown below.

Public Star Parties

at Crestview Park in San Carlos

SMCAS and the City of San Carlos Parks Department host a public star party at Crestview Park in San Carlos twice a month when there is a new moon.  Members set up telescopes and let the public view and share their knowledge of the night sky all for Free.  All ages are welcome.  If you have kids interested in space or science, bring them here for a real time view of planets, nebula, star clusters, and galaxies.

If you are a Non-member and own a telescope, bring it to share!  Experts are available if you need assistance or have questions about buying a telescope.

Telescope setup begins at sunset and observing starts one hour after sunset.  In the event of inclement weather (rain, clouds, fog, or high winds) the star party will be cancelled.  Because each astronomer makes his or her own decision about bringing their telescope, there is no official cancellation notice. 

Crestview Park is located at 1000 Crestview Drive in San Carlos.

Jan 6 Sunset: 5: 05 PM waning crescent
Jan 13 Sunset: 5: 12 PM waxing crescent

Feb. 3 Sunset: 5: 35 PM 3rd quarter
Feb.10 Sunset: 5: 42 PM Nw Moon

March 2 Sunset: 6: 04 PM waning gibbous
March 9 Sunset: 6: 11 PM waning crescent

April 6 Sunset: 7: 37 PM waning crescent
April 13 Sunset: 7: 43 PM waxing crescent

May 4  Sunset: 8: 02 PM waning crescent
May 11 Sunset: 8: 08 PM waxing crescent

June 1 Sunset: 8: 25 PM waning crescent
June 8 Sunset: 8: 29 PM waxing crescent
June 29 Sunset: 8: 34 PM waning crescent

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