Upcoming Speakers:

Nov 1:    Dr. Simon Birrer, Stanford/KIPAC

                Probing Fundamental Physics with 

                Strong Gravitational Lensing

Dec  6:   Dr. Eric Nielsen,  Stanford/KIPAC

               Brown Dwarfs: Failed Stars

               or Overachieving Planets?

Feb 7:    Dr. Ekta Patel,  UCB

​               Satellite Galaxies and Dwarfs

               in the Local Group

Mar 6:   Dr. Dan Weisz,  UCB

              Resolving the Local Universe with the Hubble

               and James Webb Space Telescopes

Next General Meeting November 1,   2019 

  Pizza Social & Meeting in the ISC room 7:00pm

Public Presentation in Planetarium  8:00pm

Dr. Simon Birrer

Probing Fundamental Physics with Strong Gravitational Lensing

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About our Meetings
The San Mateo County Astronomical Society meetings are open to the public.  Attendance and parking are free. Children are welcome although the subjects may be too advanced for some.  Our meetings are held on the first Friday of the most months from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.  We meet in the Science Building (#36) at the College of San Mateo.   We gather at 7:00 pm in the ISC Room, room 110, for Coffee, Pizza and conversation.  We then move to the Planetarium at 8:00pm for the speaker's Presentation.   Parking is free in the adjacent well-lighted parking lot, marked Marie Curie Lot 5, or the nearby Galileo Lot 6.