We have started in-person Star Parties again!   You can receive email notices about the status of these and other SMCAS events by selecting the link below or going to https://groups.io/g/SMCASnews and joining the group.  

In conjunction with the National Park Service, SMCAS members also participate in the following star parties.   Contact the SMCAS coordinator Michael Cooke if you want to participate as part of  our group:

Past Virtual Star Parties are available on our YouTube Channel.

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​If you would like to schedule a private star party for a school or other group in San Mateo County, send an email to SMCAS@live.com

For more information about Star Parties at Crestview Park, some rules to help everyone enjoy the event and a full schedule for 2023 click on the button below.

In case of bed weather (Clouds, Chance of Rain, Excessive wind or Fog) the star party will not be held.  

Star Parties

Come out and bring the kids for a mind expanding look at the universe!

The City of San Carlos Department of Parks and Recreation and the San Mateo County Astronomical Society have public Star Parties twice a month. These events are held in Crestview Park, San Carlos California.