​​Due to the unprecedented events related to COVID-19 we are suspending all public meetings and events, including Crestview Star Parties until further notice.  You can receive email notices about the status of these and other SMCAS events by selecting the link below or going to https://groups.io/g/SMCASnews and joining the group.  

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Start Party Etiquette 

  • Don't touch any equipment unless the telescope owner gives you permission
  • Never touch a telescope lens. 
  • Don't use white lights.  Red light is preferred to protect night vision. Flashlights are not needed, but if you bring one, please use red film over the lens.
  • Do not drive into Crestview Park with your headlights on.  This means parking on the main street and walking in.
  • Star Parties are quiet events.  Please be respectful of other attendees and the homes bordering the park.
  • Children are very welcome - please keep an eye on them.
  • Never bring food, drink or any spray product near a telescope, even if it just water.  All can damage expensive optics.